Where are the Orders getting shipped from?

All the orders are shipped directly from India 

What is the Estimated Delivery time?

Maximum estimated delivery time is 4-5 days depends on the location

Will I get a tracking number after dispatch?

Yes, You will get a tracking number via website and email after dispatch

What’s the handling time?

Handling and packaging takes max 1-2 days 

What’s the refund and replacement policy?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds and replacements 

What If I don’t like the taste and texture of the clays or slates ordered?

These are all natural products that comes from the earth so we don’t guarantee that it will taste exactly like description all the time. Taste and texture may vary sometimes and we do no offer refunds for that

What are the shipping days?

Shipping days are monday, wednesday and friday

For any other queries please mail us at indianclay16@gmail.com

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